Saturday, January 1, 2011

What I'm Doing Today.

After shutting down GSG, the obvious question is what's next. What will I be doing with my copious spare time?

Hopefully I've learned one lesson from last year - and that's to hold your cards a little closer. So, I'm not going to be very explicit in what I'm doing for the foreseeable future. There are the obvious things, of course. Flying Island Press continues to take some time - FlagShip has a Super Secret Subscriber's Only issue coming out next week. If you ever want to see it, you'll have to be subscribed by the end of January, because at that point, we take the files down and it will no longer be available anywhere.

That's Flying Island, though. And I've been teasing people to pay closer attention to Mad Poet Files. What's up with that?

What I Did Yesterday.

Yesterday, I recorded the last official episode of Geek Survival Guide. Some people were a little disappointed by that, and I wanted to explore a little why I did it.

At the beginning of 2010, I came out of the gate with a ton of enthusiasm. I was going to run Mad Poet Files AND Geek Survival Guide, get a lot of content out there, really kick butt. And I recorded this gung ho episode that in hindsight was pretty hilarious where I said I was going to release a new episode of one or the other every week. Which was an utter failure on my part. I think I recorded something like two additional episodes of GSG in 2010 before we actually hit November and I did the NaNoWriMo thing again.