Tuesday, February 9, 2010

MPF 3 - The Assignment

Howdy and welcome to another episode of Mad Poet Files.

Life for the last two weeks has been cuckoo crazy. That and I was lazy the first week. Bad Writer No Twinkie!

So, here's a backup story. The story that I'm currently working on will drop as MPF 4, some time between now and two weeks from Tuesday, and you'll still get a fresh shiny episode in two weeks. (MPF 5, for those who are counting.)

Also, I've been thinking about bundling together the stories when I hit five, and sticking them on Amazon as a Kindle download, or something like that. I'd appreciate any thoughts or advice on that course of action before I actually try it.

Meanwhile, here's a story I initially wrote a few years ago, re-worked, edited, and recorded for your enjoyment!

Download MPF03-Assigmnent.mp3

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