Monday, January 11, 2010

MPF 1-01 - Frosty's Deposit

Welcome to the first episode of the Mad Poet Files - a semi-weekly short story podcast.

This is episode 1 - Frosty's Deposit, or Cold Cash. The PDF version of this story will be up Friday morning.

Music - Triforce! by the Mad Titans.


Download MPF1-Frosty

1 comment:

  1. Wonderful story Zack. I plan on following all your podcasts.

    You mentioned, this is practice...can I make some observations? Too bad, I'm making them anyway.

    I appreciated your comments about Hurley after the story. I missed that he was a decorated war hero, in the story.

    One thing that hit me right off, that didn't get resolved in my mind, was that Frosty was on a space station, where he would be 'going home'. I picture a space station as being enclosed, with levels, and apartments, like Nathan Lowells. I thought going home could be, going back to the apartment, but at the end you mention a 'guy in the car with the detonator'. I was hoping you would show us how you would have a car and a home on a space station. Maybe in the future.

    I thought there was a POV shift to Hurley at one point in the bank. I didn't go back to relisten, I could be wrong.

    I hope to hear more about High Moon, since you mentioned it. I loved that story.

    You're my Hero, man. Keep up the good work. I'll keep listening.